Tonight's   Forecast   


Friday 21st September 

now added twitter wx feature. Changed username from AlanPaul5 to  upminsterwx.

Rain radar is clear for the Essex and all places to the south.

 Check out the microsferics lightning detector pages. Go to the right hand side of Live Data page and click  the "click here"  writing in blue.

Infrared and visual satellite images are showing plenty of clear spells with varying amounts of cloud. The cloud is coming in from the WNW / NW..

 am aware that the lightning pages are now updating but not all browsers support the picture. Microsoft edge works as does Internet Explorer & some versions of Windows 10. If you have an android phone and you wish to see the live data and the live lightning you could download Puffin from the app store, this works with android  7 &  7.1 .1. The map for the microferics lightning will soon be improved to provide a zoomable map

Despite receiving live visual and infrared satellite pictures every 15 minutes it is still sometimes difficult to predict when and by how much the cloud is going to break

A dry evening with with further sunny spells / periods  Staying dry after dark and overnight with plenty of clear spells. Cloud increasing a little from the west by dawn.

Minimum temperatures 10 to 9C,

Winds from a WSW direction will remain brisk

A dry but chilly start for tomorrow with some bright / brief sunny spells at first.  Cloud gradually increasing from the west to bring some patchy light rain / drizzle from around late morning onwards. Rain becoming heavy and times from mid afternoon onwards.

Top temperatures lower than today's at around 13 to 14C

Winds from a WSW direction will be light to brisk

The temperature at 6.51pm was (15.7C) humidity 49% and the barometric pressure 1012.9mb's.and rising.

Top temperature today was 19.7C

Last wind gust was 22mph WSW

Rain  for January was 71.9mm

Rain for February was 38.4mm

Rain for March was 76.4mm

Rain for April was 54.6mm

Rain  for May was 64.5mm

Rain for June was only 0.6mm which i believe is the driest since records began

Rain  for July was 21.1mm

Rain for August was 70.0mm

Rain so far today is 5.1mm

Rain so far for September is 9.4mm

Rain so far this year is 407.7mm

Rain for 2017 was 707.7mm which is above average for this area.

Rain for 2016 was 586.7mm which is average for this area.

 Rain for 2015 was 581.6mm which is average for SW Essex

Rain for 2014 was 881.4mm which is an all time record for this area..

Rain for 2013 was 727.2mm which is above average for SW Essex.

Rain for  2012 was 858.9mm which was high for this area.

 Rain measured  in 2011 was 417.5mm which is very low for this area which normally has around 525 to 575mm

Last updated at 6.51pm Friday,

  A further update will be made at 0645BST