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Friday 14th June

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Rain radar is clear for our region. Further out to the W there is a peppering of  small blue patches moving E towards the SE

Although visual and infrared satellite images are showing  a lot of cloud over the SE there are areas of thinner with some breaks in it. The cloud is coming in from the W.

 In spite receiving live visual and infrared satellite pictures every 15 minutes it is still sometimes difficult to predict when and by how much the cloud is going to break up

Note. Temperatures are taken at 1.25mtrs above the ground  on a north facing wall

A dry and mild start to the day with some bright / sunny before scattered showers arrive from the W by mid to late morning. Becoming further unsettled during the afternoon with showers becoming more frequent and  heavier. Some showers may be and accompanied by thunder. UV HIGH and Pollen Medium

Top temperatures 18.5 to 19.5C

Wind from a SW / SSW later SW direction will be light at first but soon increasing to brisk

An unsettled start to the evening with a mixture of bright / sunny spells and scattered thundery showers. Showers are expected to clear away to the E by mid evening. Staying dry after dark with and overnight with a few clear spells here and there.

Minimum temperatures 11 to 10C

Winds from a WSW / SSW later SW direction will be brisk at first but soon moderating to light 

The temperature at 0654BST was 14.4C, humidity 86% and the  barometric pressure 1001.8 mb's and falling very slightly

Top temperature yesterday was 18.1C

Last gust was 10mph SW

 Rain  for January was 49.0mm

Rain  for February was 97.1mm

Rain for March was 58.9mm

Rain for April  was 51.1mm

Rain for May was 68.1mm

Rain so far today is 0.2mm

Rain so far for June is 6.2mm

Rain year to date is 330.2mm

Rain for 2023 was 713.4mm which is above average for this area

Rain for 2022 was 572.7mm which is average for this area.

Rain for 2021 was 642.9mm which is slightly above average  for this area.

Rain for 2020 was 607.4mm which was about average for this area.

 Rain for 2019 was 696.3mm which was above average

Rain for 2018 was  617.8mm which is slightly above average

Rain for 2017 was 707.7mm which is above average for this area.

Rain for 2016 was 586.7mm which is average for this area.

 Rain for 2015 was 581.6mm which is average for SW Essex

Rain for 2014 was 881.4mm which is an all time record for this area..

Rain for 2013 was 727.2mm which is above average for SW Essex.

Rain for  2012 was 858.9mm which was high for this area.

 Rain for 2011 was 417.5mm which is very low for this area which normally has around 525 to 575mm

Last updated at 0654BST Friday

Next update at 6.0pm

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