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This is a non commercial site maintained for Public Information. The adds on the front page have been put on for free as an appreciation for the help and service I have received from them over the years.

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For a list of the weather terms and what they mean please click here.



The Weather station is owned by: Alan Paul
Forecast written by: Alan Paul

Site designed and maintained by: James Paul

And Support By Steve Pavett Merseysideweather.co.uk
Site hosted by:

Weather software:
Main Program : Weather Display written by Brian Hamilton who lives in New Zealand.
Weather Display Live written by Julian Best who is located at Colchester. (there is a link to his weather site on my "links" page)

Live Lightning
:- Hardware manufactured by Boltek USA
Software written by Relko of Astrogenic, this firm is located in Sweden.

My thanks go out to Brian, Julian and Relko for all the excellent support they have given me (not forgetting my son James) in setting up the software and getting the information on to my Web site. Their quick email responses were really appreciated and made all the difference.
Upgrade of weather station hardware.

The weather equipment has now been upgraded to a "Davis Vantage Pro" with a fan aspirated radiation shield. The new equipment incorporates two additional sensors for :- Solar radiation and UV radiation.
Information from the Davis instruments will give a higher degree of accuracy than those from the previous equipment.

Computer Hardware

Processor: Core I7 7700 8 Core CPU @ 3.6GHZ Base Clock
HDD: 1 WD Black 2tb 7200 RPM Gaming Hard Drive
Motherboard: Asus Prime B250-PRO Workstation Board with B250 Chipset and LGA1151 Socket and PCI Card Support
Graphics: Integrated Intel HD Graphics

1x Corsair 850W PSU

in a Military Grade 4 u Rack mount case

Add-On Cards

1x 2 port PCIE Serial Port Card

1x 2 Port 1GB Server NIC For Satellite Receiver